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New Title in the 7-Million-Player DRAGON COLLECTION Series
Smartphone App "DRACOLLE & POKER" Coming Soon!
-Card Battling Action Meets Poker Fun-

January 16, 2013

Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. is proud to announce that "DRACOLLE & POKER," a new app based on the hugely popular social media content "DRAGON COLLECTION" (with over 7 million registered users*), will be released for smartphones in late January.

This title combines the card battling elements of "DRAGON COLLECTION" with the familiar structure of poker rules. Users collect and upgrade cards to create their own custom card deck, and then wield that deck in poker-based card showdowns.

Card battles are a test of strategy as well as luck – each user’s deck setup determines what flushes, full houses and other powerful hands they can use to add bonus damage and special status effects to their attacks. Having the tactical judgment to respond to any situation is the key to claiming victory.

"DRACOLLE & POKER" is another addition to the already impressive range of material based on "DRAGON COLLECTION," including a series featured in Weekly Shōnen Magazine and the arcade card game machine "DRAGON COLLECTION – The Ambition of the Pepper Gang." Other initiatives include multiple collaborative campaigns with convenience stores, beverage companies and snack companies, and the series as a whole has received widespread consumer acclaim.

Konami will continue to deliver the captivating fun of "DRAGON COLLECTION" to its customers through an ever-expanding range of media and content.

*As of October 2012.

[Game screen]
イメージ画像 イメージ画像 イメージ画像
Top screen Battle screen Stage screen

*Images are works-in-progress.

[Product Information]
Release Date Scheduled for late January 2013
Genre Poker Battle
Price Pay for item basis
Platform iOS devices: iPhone 4, 4th Generation iPod Touch, 2nd Generation iPad or later (iOS 5.1 or later)  
*Android device support will follow at a later date.

"iPhone" is a trademark or registered trademark of Apple Inc, US.
"Android" is a registered trademark or trademark of Google Inc.

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