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Karaoke Date With Your Girl!
A Collaboration of LOVEPLUS and JOYSOUND

November 18, 2010

Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.

KONAMI will collaborate with XING Inc. (hereafter, “XING”) in the “LOVEPLUS x JOYSOUND Collaboration Campaign,” which allows users to enjoy karaoke with characters from the KONAMI communication game “LOVEPLUS.”

As of November 19th (Fri), songs featuring moving images of the characters singing, will be distributed to “CROSSO,” the latest karaoke machine by JOYSOUND. Customers will be able to sing together with their “girlfriends” who sing and dance to the rhythm, and enjoy an experience as if being on an actual date*. Each of the three girlfriends will sing one song each and additional songs are scheduled to be added gradually.

Meanwhile, KONAMI will release, “Utau LOVEPLUS (Sing with LOVEPLUS Characters!),” a CD featuring tracks sung by the three characters. The limited edition CD will be available through the KONAMI online shopping site “konamistyle.” Tie-ups featuring avatars will also be introduced on JOYSOUND website in the coming months.

KONAMI is pursuing the multifaceted development of “LOVEPLUS” in its challenge to expand the borders of this game based on the motto “integration with reality,” making it accessible anywhere so that customers can enjoy a new type of entertainment like never seen before.

* The experience is made possible through “Uta-suki Douga,” a function offered by JOYSOUND

Your Girl dances while singing a song!
image image image
Rinko Kobayakawa Manaka Takane Nene Anegasaki

Characters from LOVEPLUS Music
Manaka Takane Lum no Love Song
Rinko Kobayakawa Sobakasu
Nene Anegasaki MUGO・N…Iroppoi

LOVEPLUS” is a new type of communication game released by KONAMI in September 2009, in which players can experience life with a virtual girlfriend. Players can enjoy dating life in the same time and seasons as real life, and the character's personality, attire, and hairstyle can be changed according to the player's preference.

LOVEPLUS +” released in June 2010, allows user to go on trips staged in actual destinations for an experience with a higher level of reality.

These titles were awarded Jury Recommended Works by “the 13th Japan Media Arts Festival,” Award for Excellence by “Japan Game Awards: 2010” and other awards as well.

JOYSOUND is a general brand for a music entertainment service supplied by XING Inc. such as “CROSSO”, which is business-use Karaoke. Karaoke SNS, “Uta-Suki” has colorful functions such as uploading singing images on the website or “Uta-Suki Douga”, which allows users to enjoy virtual duets with other users which reached 4.5 million members as of October, 2010.

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