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KONAMI One-Time Password Makes
Online Services Safer

November 24, 2011

Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.

KONAMI will be kicking off its new "KONAMI One-Time Password Service" on Thursday, November 24th. This sleek authentication service utilizing single-use passwords will be making online services and gaming like the "KONAMI STYLE" online store and "e-AMUSEMENT GATE" community site run by KONAMI safer and more secure for consumers. *1

One-Time Password is an authentication system to reduce the risk of unauthorized access by using a new password for each time you login to a site. "KONAMI One-Time Password Service" will be using VASCO Data Security's patented DIGIPASS, with the password generator available in standard keychain form.

Recent years have seen a spike in incidents involving the use of stolen passwords and IDs to access a plethora of services. The influx of reports to the National Police Agency regarding unauthorized access has been similarly unrelenting.*2 KONAMI firmly recognizes this grave issue and treats security of its online services as a matter of paramount importance. The KONAMI One-Time Password Service will be implemented to put consumers at ease and create an environment optimized for maximum enjoyment of KONAMI content.

KONAMI will continue to put safety first-ceaselessly striving to improve security, protect its consumers, and create an environment ideal for enjoying great KONAMI content.

■ About the Password Generator
Product name KONAMI OTP TOKEN (keychain)
Release Date Thursday, November 24th, 2011
Price 1,050 yen (tax included)
*Available via KONAMI's online store, KONAMI STYLE, as well as KONAMI STYLE Tokyo Midtown.

Keychain password generator

*1 The KONAMI One-Time Password Service is an optional service. The previous ID/password-based authentication method will continue to be available for on-line services or on-line games.

*2 According to the National Police Agency's report (only in Japanese)

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